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Mars Consulting Group works in the field of training, consulting, and implementation of maintenance management systems, physical asset management, and business process management.
Mars designs the maintenance and repair excellence path for your organization, and together with the experts and specialists of your organization, implements step-by-step the path of excellence and empowerment of maintenance and repair management based on the concepts of asset management in the organization. By taking possession of existing expertise and resources, this group helps asset-oriented organizations and companies to make better decisions in the field of asset management during the asset and engineering life cycle by evaluating the current state of their asset management, receiving specialized training and improving management capabilities. Adopt maintenance and repairs.

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  ​About Mars Group

Training and Consulting services

Maintenance Management Systems, Physical Asset Management &Reliability EngineeringTraining, Consulting and Implementation Services​​​​​​​

Physical Asset Management

 Bussiness inteligence in Maintenance  and Asset  Management

Preventive Maintenance Opt

​​​​​​​Reliability Centered Maintenance


​​​​​​​ Maintenance Strategic Planning

Root Cause Analysis

Key Performance indicators​​​​​​​


MRO Management


Maintenance Planning &Scheduling


​​​​​​​Reliability and Maintenance Data Gathering

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Training Course

For first time in IRAN

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

  • This course is designed for the first time in the country with the aim of "training specialists in planning and scheduling maintenance and repairs". Participants can work as maintenance planners in organizations.
    The instructor of the course has an international degree in net planning and scheduling from the Road to Reliability Institute in Australia. which is approved by the Network and Reliability Professionals Association of America SMRP. And he has 13 years of experience in consulting, training, and implementing Net in domestic organizations.
    The topics of this course have been prepared based on the training course of Net Planning and Scheduling Implementation Specialist from Road to Reliability Institute.
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About Mars

Mars Management Consulting Group provides comprehensive services in the field of training, consulting and implementation of maintenance and repair systems and management of physical assets.

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